Abstracts submitted for the 34th European Meeting of Statisticians (EMS 2023) should be prepared in the same way as in the template that can be downloaded from this website.

The easiest way to prepare the abstract is to substitute information given in various fields of this template, i.e. the title, author(s), institution, references, and the essential part of the abstract body, with the corresponding data connected with your contribution.

To compile your LaTeX file and create a pdf you need EMS2023style.sty file (it should be placed in the same folder as your LaTeX file). Please, do not make any changes neither in the style (i.e. in EMS2023style.sty) nor in LaTeX commands in the template. You are asked to submit your abstract as one .tex file and one .pdf document.

When typing the list of authors, please, underline the name of the person who would present the contribution during the conference.

Make the bibliography in the way suggested in the template choosing an appropriate format for each publication type, i.e. a journal paper, a book, or a paper in proceedings/edited volume.

Please, remember that the total length of the whole abstract, including the title, authors, affiliations, and references as well as the main body of the abstract, cannot exceed one page.