The European Meeting of Statisticians (EMS), sponsored by the European Regional Committee of the Bernoulli Society, is the main conference in statistics and probability in Europe. EMS is a conference where statisticians from all regions meet to exchange ideas and talk about the newest developments in the broad field of statistics and probability theory.  The very first EMS meeting was held in Dublin in 1962, and the 34th European Meeting of Statisticians (EMS 2023) - will take place in  Warsaw.

The meeting is organized by the University of Warsaw, the Warsaw University of Technology, and the Polish Mathematical Society under the auspices of the Committee of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The conference will be held at the campus of the University of Warsaw and will start on Monday 3.7.2023 and it will end on Friday 7.7.2023.   The program consists of invited and contributed lectures, and posters, addressing a full range of subjects in statistics and its many applications.


Participation of researchers from Russia in EMS 2023

As a consequence of Russia's aggression on Ukraine, organizers of EMS 2023 exclude any cooperation with Russian scientific institutions. We will not accept any registrations and submissions from researchers affiliated with such institutions. Scientists from Russia can participate in EMS 2023 as private persons and therefore receive personal invoices for conference fees without affiliations. 

Organizers of EMS 2023